Tú no me entendiste y yo no te entendí, y en consecuencia ambos nos partimos por la mitad.

Qué difícil es hablar con palabras cuando éstas no quieren ser escuchadas, con imágenes cuando éstas no quieren ser entendidas o con gestos, cuando nos cegamos a abrir los ojos y ver más allá de lo que nuestro orgullo quiere ver. ¿Cuántas veces en que los sentimiento son expresados, éstos son incomprendidos, ignorados o ridiculizados por los demás? No me duele que ignorantes patanes o pedazos de carne con ojos de apariencia humana pero de cráneos vacíos no quieran escuchar, entender o ver. ¿Qué me importan ellos cuando es sólo a ti a quién te hablo y sólo eres tú el que debe entender? Tú, el único propietario de un diccionario llamado “único destinatario de mis palabras de amor”.


Alice in Nightmareland


I looked out the spare room window. A couple of dogs were running over the glittery, fresh grass of the school field. The grey sunlight gave the sight a sublime touch. Sad memories of my own, now gone dog, took over me for a few minutes but I shook them out quickly; I didn’t want to get upset, not again. Like every Saturday morning I was already left on my own in that semidetached house that had welcomed me gratefully once, but that now had become both my jail and my fortress. The day ahead seemed interminable and I was not sure of what to make of it. I had not been told how long I was supposed to wait for, if somebody was going to pick me up to go to town or if I was meant to stay there until tea-time. As I tried to organise myself around…

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The Dracula Disease


The Vampire Syndrome and Porphyria

Oct 23, 2009Diane Evans

The victims of the disease have been labeled “vampires.” This condition has affected all sorts of people including Mary Queen of Scots and George III.

Porphyria is a collection of genetic disorders in which the enzymes catalyzing hemoglobin production do not function correctly.


The symptoms are similar to those associated with Count Dracula and vampire folklore. They include sensitivity to sunlight, abdominal pains and vomiting, and purple urine, which may lead to the belief that the victim has been drinking blood. The indicators also include increased hair growth, tightened skin and the shrinkage of the gums making the canine teeth look more prominent, and general depression and morose moodiness.

The Un-dead and the Natural Decomposition Process

Centuries ago, especially during the Dark Ages, ignorance fed on wild tales of the un-dead prowling around graveyards and hiding in the shadows…

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